AGM report by Joan Kirkbride
At last we were able to hold our much delayed AGM on 18th September and many
thanks to everyone who attended. After 3 years sterling service in unprecedented
times Alwyne Wilson stood down as chairman. I have a hard act to follow.
Alwyne’s last act as chairman was to present a cheque for £1200 to the Village Hall.
This was raised by sponsorship of Alwyne’s brave parachute jump on 4th
September… Please do not expect this to be a regular activity of Village Hall
We have seen a few changes to our management committee, with some members
standing down after several years of service, others staying on, and one or two new
members. Three of our retiring members are Lesley Dilkes, who has represented
the Parish Council for eight years, and Simone and Peter Squire who have served
for nine years, respectively as representative of the Bugbrooke and District Flower
Society and as one of our Parishioner members. We are very grateful indeed to
Lesley, Simone and Peter for their valuable contributions over the past years. We
are delighted that Simone, assisted by Peter, will continue as our booking secretary
– one of the most essential aspects of our operations.
We also record our appreciation to Arthur Hanley, who having served as chairman
many years ago, gallantly returned to the committee as representative of the
Heyford Singers for the past year. His place has now been taken by retiring
chairman, Alwyne Wilson.

Our next big fundraising event will be the Village Fete on 11th June. We have missed
having a fete for 2 years so we want to make this a very special occasion. Please
contact us with ideas and offers of help. We are hoping to set up a working group in
the near future and would love to hear from you.